Finding Signals

Finding the way

In daily life, we face questions like "Do I go to Ladakh or Kerala", "Do I invest in ₿itcoin or Ethereum" 🤔...

To arrive at a conclusion, we look for Signals 🚩...

Let us take an example & try to find "Avg temp of Ladakh for last 18 days":

Overall time taken: at least 1 hr 🕐

In this world of readily available data & infinite computation power, why did it take so long & why was it so difficult?💭

Why is it so difficult to play with data 😵‍💫

How can one make an informed choice if they don't have access to these basic signals🥴

💡 Idea

No-Code Smart Table

  1. The User is provided with plethora of data sources
Ifttt Choose a Service
  1. She chooses a data source(say, Accuweather). Sees available data in sample format.
  date: 2021-07-30T09:15:00-0400,
  temperature: 20,
  humidity: 40
  1. Going to the next step shows a table prefilled with values
Basic Table
  1. Want humidity also? Just add another column.
Add column
  1. Why table you ask? Because everyone is already familiar with it. It also allows easy filtering, sorting, and applying pre-built formulas.
  2. Bored of tables? No Problem. We have auto-magically generated graphs for you.
Daywise Change

That's it. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading! :)